Monday, April 20, 2015

A new run...

Sunday was a first for me. We had entered our first City Trail run, a 12k event around the city of Melbourne.

Turned out that Running Buddy was still suffering with this flu thing and couldn't participate. So I headed into the city on my own. I haven't done an event solo for a long time.

I found a car park really close and waited in the car for the showers to pass and wait until the very last moment to throw off my jacket. The queue for the porta potty was short and I lined up in the chute shivering in my singlet knowing I would be warm once I started.

We runners felt very hard core as we set off in the cold drizzly conditions. But I know I can run in the rain now. No problem.

 Couldn't find an actual photo with  me in it but you get the idea of the conditions

We ran along The Tan, around the MCG, up and down steps of stadiums, across bridges and along the Yarra. I didn't enjoy the last trail run I did in the You Yangs but this was a bitumen and concrete trail marked with little red arrows and pink tape and despite the weather was a really great run. A few people were whingeing last night that they had gone off course but like any trail run you have to pay attention to the trail markings. I was thinking as I was running along that Running Buddy would have struggled with the unstructured style but she would have loved the event.
I was really pleased with my 1:20 time & enjoyed the whole thing. I'm sure the girls will want to do this run next year.

And I will too.

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