Sunday, March 1, 2015

Wyndham Fun Run...

This is the kind of running photo I like.

we pulled out the matching City2Sea tops to look the part

We look good. We look ready.

We ran our first 10k for the year. It has taken us til the 1st of March to go this far. Fitting as this is the beginning of Autumn, the hard Summer running will become a memory. Running in hot windy weather is hard work and not my favourite kind.  But we had a good day and have got our heads together to plan out a few more runs. Next one is Run 4 Kids in just 3 weeks. Some more matching tops to come.

Last night we experienced the closest thing to a cyclone/hurricane I've ever had. The wind was phenomenal, We had branches come flying off and a back fence down. I was amazed the big gum tree didn't come down. Our other smaller trees were parallel with the ground but managed to spring back up. The sound of chainsaws and mulchers echoed around the neighbourhood today. Thankfully no injuries or major damage. Quite scary and intense.

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