Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tennis & running & heat...

Running Buddy & I have struggled to get back our form after Christmas indulgences and the hot weather hasn't helped, not that we have had that much hot weather but it seems whenever we have an opportunity to get out and run it turns it on.

We have started doing Parkrun on a Saturday morning. These free timed runs are held on Saturday mornings around the World and a brand new group was launched in Melton. I had been wanting to participate in a Parkrun but the closest was Point Cook. We attended the launch and ran 5k along Toolern Creek on a very hot morning.

this is indicative of current form and the hot morning

2nd time was a bit better
we are working towards longer distances and avoiding photographers. Part of Parkrun is to volunteer in a role to keep the event going and free. I'm going to do my stint on Saturday as Running Buddy has to work and we are participating in the Wydham Fun Run on Sunday morning with Mel. This is our first 10k for the year so hopefully the conditions will be right for us to achieve that.

Cardio tennis is back on and I've also played a couple of tournaments on very hot days. Club championships were a test of endurance and we didn't end up as champions...except in our own minds.

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