Friday, May 10, 2013

Hayley's progress...

Hayley is a little closer to her dream tonight after receiving her documentation back from her British passport application. With the original documents was a slip saying her passport will be posted in 5-10 days.

Great news for her, after the grief involved in getting all the correct documentation together the passport from  the UK has been quicker to get than her Aussie one. Hopefully overseas mail will be as quick when she is away.

She went from being unemployed on Tuesday after finishing up at the mail centre to working full time plus overtime today. A waitressing gig she had secured is not needed now, it would have been too much to go from one long day of work to another. She is quite focused on her goal now, the shares about to be sold have increased in price lately which will help her just in time. Seems all her moons are aligned at the moment which makes her happy but breaks my heart just a little.

I had a haircut today with a new hairdresser and she is a keeper. She has done a great job and was just the right amount of chatty. I had a teary moment when telling her about my mothers' day plans and Hayley's travel plans. We just have to sort out her furniture and belongings.

We have had a couple of warm Autumn days which have been lovely. We really sweated it out at tennis this morning and after my haircut I was able to open up the windows and clean. It felt like Spring cleaning to me, next week is back to wintery conditions with the heater on, so today was a real treat.

AND out of the blue, after waiting and wondering what had happened to the Garden Bag Collector our garden bag was emptied! Chris and I were both a bit stunned. There was no note to say sorry we haven't provided a service for 6 months and now we are back to regular service, sorry we haven't answered our phone or returned your messages just an empty bag and a slip for payment. Thanks. Good timing though as the garden needs a good prune and clear out of dead/finished stuff.

That will be my Mothers Day, a day in the garden, clearing out and taking more pics of the gorgeous Autumn colours.

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