Saturday, May 11, 2013


The changing leaves in my garden are just lovely. We have had warm weather and I did a bit of a clean up around the garden.

The ornamental pear trees at the front of the house are taking turns in changing and losing their leaves.

 From green to orange to red to bare, its my garden's version of ombre.

This is the view underneath the ornamental grape vine at the back of the house, it was a glorious green shade during summer and is now a pink hued sanctuary still. Soon it will be bare canes and I will be able to reign it in a little.
 Two weeks ago I took this pic of the pistacchio tree in its glory, today it is bare branches also.

This is the gledistia tree which has a shady canopy during Summer. When the leaves fall these seed pods take a little longer to drop. They look like flat dry bananas and when the wind blows they knock together and rattle. There are hundreds of them. One year I took the many seeds from one pod and tried to germinate them. If I could succeed I could have quite a forest happening.

Today I collected a bin full that have fallen since I took this photo, seems like a waste but I don't know what else to do with them. The leaves have gone into the compost to continue the cycle.

Cold wet weather is on the way, I'm enjoying my time outdoors while I can.

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