Friday, April 12, 2013

Scrapping update...

I haven't shown any new layouts this year. Not since I completed the 50 challenge last year. I have been steadily working along. It has been so nice to have my supplies spread out all over my 'craft room' since Hayley moved out. Looks like she might move back in to save some money before she jets off to the UK. We will have to rearrange a bit and I will give up the craft room, I've really enjoyed it but it will also be nice to have her close before she leaves me.

Here are some 2013 works

I've been wanting to do this layout about Chris' family emigrating to Australia for a while. After I completed it I realised the photo was wrong. It was about 6 years too early.

 So I hunted around and found a correct photo, one actually taken on the ship they travelled on in 1969, the Achille Lauro.

Still more to come...

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