Sunday, April 28, 2013

Life as we know it...

I've been caught up being busy doing nothing much. As life sometimes happens.

I went back to work and Erin went back to school, in winter uniform now, so that takes a bit longer in the mornings to negotiate stockings, kilts & ties etc. I have given up hope of ever getting to work early. Or on time. I always manage to get there 2 minutes late.

Chris has changed roles and is now responsible for getting other peoples children to school on time.

ANZAC day came & went. The timing of it this year gave me a lovely 5 days off. The last post always makes me tear up and the little poem "Age shall not weary them..." makes me think of our father whom we lost at just 53 in the hours after an ANZAC day get together 28 years ago. Its a day of reflection for sure.

Hayley has set up her temporary home and has not changed one little bit in her messy ways.

This change has me out of sorts as I hate the mess with things in places they shouldn't. I don't function well when things are disorganized,  I hyperventilate if I ever watch that 'Hoarders' show. I can't bear it.

She is in the process of getting her British passport to give her free reign in the UK. Not that they are giving it up easily but now the application is in with every i dotted and t crossed.

I'm still running 3 days a week and playing tennis twice in the evenings. I was pleased that cardio tennis started back, I really enjoy that work out, partly because I don't have to think of a route or a routine. Steve barks out the orders and we run and hit and run some more. My running training has tapered off in intensity and we need another goal to strive/run towards. Maybe the half marathon of Run Melbourne in July.

We had a surprise visit from Chris' sister Yvonne. She is at a loose end after her restaurant Scullys folded. Such a shame she couldn't make a go of this one but circumstances did not allow it at this time. We instead went to our favourite restaurant 'The Plough' at Myrniong for a lovely meal last night.

It was an odd day yesterday, the weather was balmy, warm & wicked windy. I wore a t shirt during the day and we sat in the courtyard while we dined. The leaves are turning and the grapevine is glorious. Soon I will have to clear the fallen leaves.

And on my days off I have had a chance to play with these new purchases

 While Hayley has taken over the craft room my scrapping has been curtailed and I will get the most done when I visit Big Sister on our regular dates.

I think that's me all caught up now.

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