Sunday, April 7, 2013


I was more than a bit nervous when I saw this in the bathroom this morning

notice also how the rubbish is near not in the bin

There was a lot of hair.

A lot of very black hair.

But I didn't need to be nervous.

from shoulder blade length to this

Erin had given herself the haircut she wanted and had done a great job.

I thought we were going to the hairdressers this week while the school holidays were on but now we don't need to. Maybe she thought I wouldn't make the appointment. Or just got bored. Or impatient.

I think it looks great and she is happy as well. I know from previous hair cutting the mess that is involved and that is partly why I am happy to pay for professionals to do their work. I hate the way the snipped bits of hair get everywhere. Chris clippers his head periodically and his offcuts are like tiny prickles. He at least cleans up after himself. Callum also cuts his own hair into a messy 'doesn't care' look.

Maybe there is a future in hairdressing there.

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