Monday, March 25, 2013

The Big Run...

Yesterday finally the day of the big run came.

The day we had been training for, working towards, planning and been consumed by.

It was a perfect morning for a race but with 35,000 competitors it was very busy. It was a bit hard to fully appreciate the views as we negotiated our way through the course. The sea of bobbing bodies in front of us was quite mesmorising.

Our Garmin watches couldn't quite cope with the tunnel under the river so I'm not sure of the accuracy of its timing. Mine said I only did 14.59k in 1:43:34. I will check it against the timing tag when those results are published.

I only feel a little sore in the hip flexors today and a swim this morning was a great way to iron out the kinks. I was pretty wiped out last night and fell asleep on the couch watching TV. Running Buddy went back into the city to watch her Iron Man brother finish his Iron Man competition in St Kilda. His race took just 12 hours to complete, he deserves a sleep in today!

Now what will be the next goal???

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