Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hot day with New York style...

Today did not start out well.

Our running group had decided to do our run at 9am before it got too hot. As our record breaking stretch of hot weather and hot nights continues, it wasn't that cool even in the morning. We had planned to do 12km in preparation for the Kids run which is just 2 weeks away, but after about 4km I hit a wall. Figuratively not literally. I was overheated, super sweaty, thirsty and a bit nauseated. The others kept plugging away at the hill but I caved in to the internal voices telling me  I couldn't go on.

I tried, after a walk break, to keep running but the remaining 5 km were not pretty. Each running step reinforced how miserable I felt. I came home feeling pretty despondant about todays effort.

The afternoon was much more pleasant as Hayley & I ventured over to Chadstone Shopping Centre to see the New York Style Exhibition. Some of the dresses from Sex & the City are on display and Hayley knowing how much I loved the fashion from the show suggested we go and have a look. We enjoyed the display and each picked a different favourite.

A troop around the shops and a nice lunch topped off a really nice outing.


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