Sunday, March 17, 2013

Last minute training...

The weather has turned making training runs a bit easier and while we wished for cooler weather with it came the rain.

Running buddy has never run in the rain. I have but prefer not to. It is much cooler when it is raining but when your feet are wet and the rain is in your eyes it's not much fun. The Run 4 Kids is next Sunday and we had to get in one last long run in preparation. Yesterday the clouds loomed and she had doubts, I asked her what will she do if it is raining on race day. So we went on a half planned 13 km run which turned into 14.7k by the time we got home.

Dumping rain fell just as we assembled and studied the clouds. We went anyway and got wet along the way but we survived, we ran a long way and now Running Buddy has a wet one under her belt. She didn't give in and now knows we can do it in any conditions.

I am a bit sore in the hips today and am hoping for a massage. My yoga instructor uses foam rollers to work out those sore spots, I might have to improvise with a rolling pin or something. After the crappy run last week I went out and bought new shoes. The old ones had no tread left on the ball part and definitely needed replacing, two years of pounding the pavement was good value in the end. My new New Balance feel wonderful and will see me over the finish line well.

Happy St Patricks Day everyone, not that we celebrate it particularly, but we will be tinking of Duncan and his Irish band fiddling tunes and jigs in 4 gigs in Brisvagas and the Gold Coast this weekend.

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