Wednesday, June 20, 2012


maybe this cold weather is sapping my creativeness. Or my ability to write blog posts. Or maybe it is just that nothing very interesting is happening.

Work has been fairly busy and consistent. I am attending the 10th anniversary forum since the Transfusion Nurse role was created. I agreed to submit a poster outlining my achievements in the role since 2008. A few months ago that seemed like a harmless request and in my usual style I left it almost to the last minute to create it. Thankfully we have a graphic artist employed within the 'marketing' department and he has been extremely helpful with the creative ideas which have deserted me at the moment. The A0 size poster needs to be ready for next Monday and Rob assures me he will send it off to the printer...tomorrow.
I have also volunteered for a position on a working party with the Health Dept. When I got the agenda for tomorrows first meeting I was very daunted by the others in the group. I hope to be able to have some intelligent contribution but I am not confident. I think I will be in waaaay over my head.

50% of us felt the tremor last night, I was one of them. It was quite startling.

On a bright note I found an actual real-life scrapbooking shop in Ballarat. I was at a loose end on Monday and googled the Yellow Pages to see if a bricks & mortar store was nearby. Since our local shop closed its doors I have really missed browsing the aisles of an actual shop. The other shop that was not too far away (Werribee) has also closed and if Mornington was a bit closer I'd love to get lost in Paper 2 but that was 4 hours of driving I couldn't be bothered with. So I was surprised when I came across The Imagination Factory in the listings. I was a bit trepidatious as I travelled there wondering if the store would be any good and was thrilled when I got there and it was WONDERFUL!
The store was loaded with stock and I had a lovely browse and picked up the odd thing or twenty. As I said to Tracey while on line shopping is good there is nothing like picking up some new paper and seeing things up close. I'll still shop at Chandon in Geelong when I'm down that way but this new find sparked my enthusiasm. I'll share the goodies as I use them.

Look at that, I didn't think I had anything to say.

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