Monday, June 25, 2012

Wet holidays...

Erin's first day of her 3 week school holidays and I had to go into the city for a forum.

Not any old forum but the 10th anniversary celebration of Transfusion Nurses in Vic/Tas health services through the Blood Matters program.

I had agreed to make a poster of my own achievements and it was well received. I had a lot of help from the graphic designer in our marketing dept which sits within the IT department. I felt a bit silly on the train and walking the city streets carrying the large cardboard tube.

I did get to start another book on the train, and I have realised why I havent done much scrapping might be due to the fact this book is the 27th for the year. No wonder my recent eye test showed a slight deterioration in my vision. 'Address Book' is by Jane Clifton and is about the 34 houses she lived in during the first 60 years of her life, quite well written and I'm enjoying it thus far.

Also I had booked up on Foxtel the telemovie called 'Sisters of War' and watched it the other day. Such a good story which was based on true accounts of 2 women caught up in terrible circumstances in New Guinea during WW2. I was sobbing by the end and keep thinking about their stories. See it if you can but keep your hanky close by.

I am having the next 2 days off with Erin as she turns 15. Today while I was gone she died her hair black as she has been nagging to do and did a good job. No mess left behind and because she has so much thick hair and I only bought one pack, her hair looks black without the whole 'goth' effect. Tomorrow we will make a special cake to celebrate her birthday on Wednesday and then I have to go back to work.Hopefully we will get to do a few things on my regular days off.

If I was a school nurse I could have the same holidays with her.

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