Monday, June 11, 2012

Queens birthday...

Today has been a public holiday for us. Nice to have a bonus sleep in but it always throws our routine off.  Instead of going to tennis and guitar lessons and school, Erin has been studying for exams that will happen over the next few days.

I have been recovering from another bout of mastitis and am booked for a mammogram on Friday to see what's going on. Haven't breast fed for a loooong time but I dont want the girls to let me down now.

I completed 3 more layouts but am not entirely happy with one so I am going to add a bit more before declaring it finished.

number 21

number 22
I have 4 to finish so am feeling on top of this challenge at the moment.

It has been very cold and wet lately so it was nice to sweep up the leaves in some sunshine today. We did not venture out on the bike today even though the sunshine was enticing, we heard on the news tonight a pillion died in a crash with a car nearby on a route we often take. Our thoughts go out to that family whilst remembering to be careful following our passions.

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