Sunday, September 18, 2011


We did the relay for life overnight, walking around the track from 4pm until 10am this morning. I have had a great time and even managed to get a couple of hours sleep between 2 and 6am. The whole team had a lot of fun. I seemed to pack enough to camp out for a week, not just one night!

 At midnight we had to walk in our PJ's with a teddy bear. There were lots of other novelty laps and fun things to keep us entertained. We thought we were a shoe in for the best theme team as we all had our scrubs on but ended up with a prize for the best chicken dance.

We were all pretty tired this morning but very happy with our efforts, raising over $5000 so far. Not too late to add a donation in my name on this link

I walked for about 7 hours all up and even did my running program at 6am after just a couple of hours of broken sleep.

We are planning next years event already!

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  1. Great effort Jo! I'm sure you're pretty exhausted, but you must also be very, very proud. You're such a goer! Well done. xxx