Friday, September 9, 2011

Turn it back...

After a week of pondering I ordered 2 of the light cotton Summer tops from the catalogue. Since I did, the weather has turned very chilly. I was looking forward to Spring/Summer and had been falsely lured to clear out the winter woollies from my cupboard. My garden has a Spring look to it as well, with buds and blooms peeping through.

I had to go into the city for a seminar today which was very informative but quite intense. My major decision this morning was which coat to wear. I also added a beret and umbrella to my ensembe. The weekend forecast is more of  the same with hail, winds and rain. The last of the Beauty & the Beast shows will run and our weekends will go back to being quiet and schedule free.

And by the time the clothes arrive, the warmer weather will stay a bit longer.

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