Friday, September 16, 2011


Spring is in the air and that means spring cleaning. I was able to vac the whole house because Mr Fixit lived up to his name and fixed my Dyson vacuum cleaner. The money he had saved us has been innumerable. Maybe now he can get that Tiffany necklace I have my eye on for my birthday.

One thing he could not fix was the kitchen window that Hayley broke recently. She was tapping on the glass to scare off the magpies that were eating the dogs' food and scared herself when the window broke. I took it down to the glazier and cost $85 to have the glass replaced. It's really nice now to look out that new pane and gaze upon my new garden. It's a nice place to be and now that the Spring weather is upon us I love being out there seeing the buds and blossoms. One day I'll be able to bring blooms in instead of buying them at the weekend flower stall.

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