Friday, December 10, 2010

What have I been up to?...

Well you may ask

I've been really busy and the busier I am the more unorganised I seem to be. I keep telling myself if I could just get my act together things will fall in to place.

This is an offering of blooms that have flourished with the recent rain. The first year I planted these bulbs they did nothing much and then the wind wrecked it. It is amazing what water falling out of the sky can do.

Speaking of rain we have had plenty of it. I looked at a fancy rain gauge in Australian Geographic today. For $99 I can monitor the rain from inside the house but as it is no longer a novelty to see rain falling I will stick to the old fashioned estimation of  'a lot' or 'a bit'.

I also saw these Galileo thermometers. .
I always wanted one because I thought they were pretty and would be a nice feature, but they only read temperatures up to 28 degrees. Like when its raining I need to know how much, when I'm hot I need to know how hot I am. Perhaps the old fashioned estimation of  'pretty hot' or 'bloody hot' will also have to do.

Erin has finished school for the year. We've had Presentation night, which wasn't too bad. At one point I thought I was at a Pearl Jam concert as the Senior bad played 'Sweet child o' mine' really well. Nice & loud, woke us all up but made my hands sore from clapping. I don't mind going to Presentation night, it's nice to see the hard working students acknowledged and the year 12s farewelled but it's in the centre of the city and I hate driving in peak hour traffic.

Hayley is enjoying her new job but is looking forward to the real work once her course begins in the New Year. We have been able to travel together some days and I get to hear about all the personalities settling in together.

Chris has been hobbling around with a very sore foot. The doc thinks it is gout but Chris is adamant that is a sprain or even a break that can occur spontaneously without any hint of an injury(!). My sympathy is running thin as I want our Christmas lights put up before Christmas (I know - how unreasonable). I'll be dragging out the ladder myself tomorrow as long it is not raining!

Callum is...I'm not sure what Callum is up to as I have hardly seen him. He did get his pay from the Electoral office, maybe I'll see him when his money runs out.

Erin & I shopped with my sister and niece today so tomorrow will be baking, cleaning, decorating and collapsing at the end of the day (hopefully some pics to prove my activity)

Christmas cards may not happen this year

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  1. MUM, sweet child of mine is by Guns n' Roses ya dag