Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday roundup...

It is time for reflection on the past week. A week in which I worked 4 days, treated a friend, attended yoga, cruised the neighbourhood admiring the Christmas lights, did some Christmas baking and felt guilty that Erin's first week of school holidays was very low key.

The girls made these strawberry cones today, the recipe came from the Christmas Better Homes & Gardens mag and really appealed to me. They turned out fantastically well and I will be making more this weekend, along with rumballs, pistachio/almond bread and the panetone.

Heres a random fact I learnt from watching 'Landline' last night:
Almond trees can't self pollinate, they are dependant on bees to pollinate to set the nut. The growers bring in the hives & bees to produce the crop. The honey that comes from almond tree pollen is very dark & not very good. Without the bees - no nuts. And because the trees aren't native the native bees don't pollinate those trees and there isn't enough of them anyway.

I'm glad there are enough bees to keep us almonds, especially at this time of year.

Do you know how hard it is to photograph Christmas lights with a point & shoot camera? very unsatisfying for me. Some of the houses were spectacular, Clark Griswald would be proud. I'm glad our lights are up & going and our Christmas tree is very pretty (even if the pic doesn't do it justice and Hayley thinks blue is not a Christmas colour)

Next week look out for Chris' sisters' dispute with her local council and the manikins outside her shop. The whole scandal will be on 'A Current Affair'.

I'm posting this without pics as the camera has been telling me to wait 'one moment' for about 2 hours, I think its battery like me is tired, I'll try again tomorrow, night all, Jo

Edited: photos added, a full battery is a marvelous thing

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