Monday, February 1, 2010

Schools back in...

Erin started a new journey today...and got a blister.

She doesn't look very excited does she???

I guess nerves were playing their part & she was antsy to get going, not to have a photo session. We should have set out earlier as we got very caught up in the back to school first day traffic jam. Every kid in Bacchus Marsh was being driven to school this morning & every parent was going to get that perfect car park so as not to have to walk a step further than necessary with an overloaded school bag.

I could barely get to the school let alone get a remotely good car park.

But we managed & I was able to stay for a short while as they were allocated their classes & houses. Erin is not with Tayla for Tutor group but they are together in Braeside house.

She was full of stories this afternoon & after a good feed (she was starving) we had a giggle together about the silly things she had done during the day...turning up in the wrong room etc. She wasn't fazed about any of it & seemed to cope pretty well.

I was able to do a little scrapping today (finally) but was hampered by low ink levels in the printer...why does cyan always go first?

a little christmas layout to get me started.

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  1. Erin looks very spunky - even if she isn't overly enthusiastic about the photo shoot! Love the layout Jo....that's one more than me that you've done for the year so far! lol! Hoping to get back into some scrapping very soon.