Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I was going to say...

...look how good my plant is doing. With our warm weather & regular water it is really blooming! I have never had this many flowers on it before.

But instead I'll tell you about the 77mls of rain that dumped down on Bacchus Marsh this afternoon causing flash flooding, rooves to come down (including at the hospital & the pub & the supermarket) and roads to be awash or closed & very dangerous.
We had a subsidence in the front yard near the driveway before Christmas & whenever the rain comes down heavily like today a bit more sinks down. It is caused by all the drought conditions seizing up the clay beneath.
I will wait a few more days to see if it gets any worse before we fix it.

Because it is still raining!


  1. Lucky you! We got precisely - nothing measurable. Louise

  2. Heard about your wild weather! Wow - that is a HEAP of rain. Too much all at once really. Hope the hospital was patched up ASAP. We can't have you tripping over buckets as you go about your duties, Sister :) By the way, your flowers look amazing - well worth a photo. Thanks for sharing. Lots of love to you my friend. Anita. xx