Thursday, December 3, 2009

The graduate...

Last night we began the beginning of the end...

the end of the Primary school years. Not only the end for Erin but for our family as well.

Erin looked so gorgeous, not over the top as some girls were, just right.

The PFA gave the students a mug with the graduating class names.

She wore the dress that Hayley wore to her Grade 6 graduation, must be a timeless style as that was 10 years ago!

I didn't have to wear a 10 year old outfit.

Ness came along to help us celebrate the end of an era. We had a great time & we didn't need a limo, acrylic nails, fake tans, make up or stiletto heels, just letting 12 year olds be 12 for a minute longer.


  1. Here, here Jo! The way kids of Erin's age (and their parents) sometimes carry on about these events is completely ridiculous. Kids grow up way too fast these days - there is no need to encourage it! Erin looked beautiful and happy and 12. Her mum looked pretty spunky too :)Congratulations on finishing primary school Erin. Enjoy the summer and best of luck for the new adventures that lie ahead. Love Anita. xxx

  2. congrats to Erin..she looks so beautiful and happy.. know what you mean about girls growing up fast enough without the excessiveness some take on.. Gx