Sunday, December 13, 2009


I think the baking is done.

Rumballs (liberally laced with Bundy)

Shortbread ( a new recipe from Donna Hay with nutmeg & cinnamon)

Panforte (Yum...with lots of honey, chocolate & glace fruit)

Fruit cake (Stained glass)

Almond & pistachio bread (an old favourite)

Cranberry & pistachio baclava (tried for the first time...fiddly but delicious)

My fingers are sore from shelling the nuts.

The gingerbread house is on the list for next weekend.
I might make something else...the recipe books are taunting me with treasures.

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  1. have been busy!..we start our baking later this week..was a good excuse to buy some brandy and rum yesterday ;P