Sunday, April 3, 2016

Geelong half marathon...

During April we need to do 35km each week with a long run of 20k included in that amount, so we have been looking for routes and events to mix it up a little. Running the same local runs makes getting the distance done hard. We have found a couple of events to achieve our training distances.

The first of 4 planned events took place this morning with the Geelong Cross Country Club  Half Marathon along the Barwon River in Geelong. This event was perfect timing in our training plan to do the 21km distance.

The morning started off a little drizzly and cool and the queue for the bib pick up was insane, so much so that they delayed the start until all the bibs were handed out. But we started out just after 8am for our long run. It was a really nice course and running conditions were great. Along the river the undulations were challenging and there were well spaced drink stations and great supporters along the way. I felt good along the way and was glad to finish in 2:20. Best result for me so far and the training plan has paid off. It was quite a serious race and I was at the back of the field the whole way finishing 658th of 725. I ran all the way and was happy with my effort, I couldn't have run any faster and my goal still remains to run all the way in the marathon and not be fixated on a time.

Supersport images

my favourite running singlet from the City 2 Surf run

Running Buddy finishing strong

Mel finished 10 minutes ahead of me

finished at last 
Funny to think back when a half marathon was the be all and end all not just part of a training plan.

More long distances to cover.

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