Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sagging hips and more training...

I've clocked up100 kms during January in our start towards our marathon goal, most of them nice and slow. We're sticking (mostly) to the plan.

I've felt pretty good.

We ventured down to the local Little Aths track and took our shoes off and sprinted on the lush green grass. It was so inviting we couldn't resist and barefoot running is meant to be good for you. I must have used muscles that haven't had much of workout as my bum was a bit sore the next day.

But I've noticed something that I need to correct before too many more kms are run.

 Now I know we are never happy with photos of taken whilst running and are hyper critical but these ones taken at Parkrun each week show me with a definite dip of the hips.

Chris has said rather unkindly that I run like a gimp

more like a duck waddling back and forth

Running Buddy says its worse when I'm fatigued
I'm conscious of my form when I am running but it's not something I can feel as I'm doing it and have been googling to find a solution,

This looks exactly like what I am doing and the kind folk at Runners connect tell me I need to strengthen the muscles in the hip until my old patterns are over ridden by new ones.

Looks like side lifts and clams are in my future.

Not all the pics are that bad, taken a split second later my form seems OK

 Running buddy has lovely form, no side waggles for her.

A more efficient running form means less chance of an injury and more sustainability

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