Sunday, January 24, 2016

Planning, running and a new Buddy...

Now we are not just thinking about doing the marathon but actually booked in for the Gold Coast Marathon we have to do the training to reach our goal. And as Running Buddy says if you are doing a marathon you have to live and breathe it and talk about incessantly. I'm sure other people are not interested but we will talk about it to whoever will listen and luckily we spend a lot of time together and never tire of it, yet.

We've enlisted a fourth to our small training group. Running girl No:4 started running with us in the early days and did that first half marathon with us in 2013. She had other commitments that prevented her from running with us but has a wealth of knowledge being a personal trainer/crossfitter/weight lifter/gymnastics teacher. She has a great steady slow pace which we need in these early days and is able to talk throughout her runs giving us tips and ideas.

So far so good, our plan is to slowly build the distance and the pace just running 7-9 k at a 7 minute pace. We have some races to spice things up that fit nicely into the plan and the weather has been kind. Parkrun is still our time to push for a faster time but no PBs this year yet.

managed to blast past this guy in the last 50 metres

picked up some new compression shorts at Aldi for just $13

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