Monday, October 26, 2015

The last day...

Erin had her last day of school, traditionally called Muck Up day has now turned into a more sedate, prankless fun day

the last walk
 They dressed up

 and said goodbye to their teachers
and to each other.

Because exams are yet to come the realisation of the finality hasn't hit yet.

After a relaxed morning they were sent home to prepare for the Valedictory Dinner. They swapped dress ups for formal wear and we headed into the city.

with the aptly named Mr Love, favourite teacher

Cheers to you Erin!

The evening was very nice with good food, some speeches and presentations, finished off with a little dancing. School is over. Fees are done. A new chapter begins.

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  1. No way!! Erin cannot be finished high school. Where on earth did all those years go? It seems like yesterday she was the cute little thing who drew a family portrait. Now she's finished school? No way!! The end of an era for you Jo. What's next?