Saturday, August 15, 2015

The beaut weekend...

Both my darling girls have had birthdays since my last post but I really want to share my spectacularly fantastic weekend.

Our little running group headed up to Sydney to do our very first City 2 Surf run. We have been planning for months, training in fits and starts and talking ourselves up until finally the time arrived.

We flew up to Sydney on Saturday and had a lovely day exploring the Rocks, Circular Quay and a ferry ride to Manly. I really wanted to go on the 'Betty Cuthbert' but that one wasn't going where we wanted to go. We had to settle for the 'Queenscliff' instead. We ate and drank our way around in preparation for the big event on Sunday morning.

I felt very touristy

Fuelling & hydrating going well

the Rocks Market

A trip on the Ferry
I stayed right on Hyde Park at the YWCA hotel. The rooms were basic but clean, and I felt safe. For $95 I shared a bathroom and breakfast was included. Many other runners were staying there as well as loads of other vistors to Sydney. I had many an interesting conversation and didn't feel lonely while away from the others who were staying at a nearby hotel 10 mins away.

After a good nights sleep, I stowed my bag and met the girls at Hyde Park, in perfect conditions. We said goodbye to the husbands who were to meet us at the finish line with our bags, and down the yellow starting chute we shuffled. We were excited about what this run would bring, none of us expecting to set any PB's.

Ready to start with 80,000 others

 Running, and getting into a rhythm was difficult. Many entrants had no intention of running and lots were walking. We spent most of our time weaving and dodging. The streets were lined with cheering spectators which spurred us on as well as bands, DJ's, the Army and Police Bands, hari chrishnas, belly dancers, drag queens, Wally's  and lots of people who had set up in their front yards to enjoy the spectacle and made for a fantastic atmosphere. They had positioned the music perfectly, it was always right there when you needed a boost. We were able to stick together in our matching tops until Heartbreak Hill. I had been unwell with a cold the week prior and just couldn't run all the way up the 1.5km heartbreaker. The girls were able to keep going while I walked and I met them at the finish line. I was pleased with my race. I made it in 1:41:39.

Bondi - 14 hilly kms later

After the race, it took about half an hour to find the fellas and then we started on the queue for the buses. It seemed to take an awful long time to get to the front of the queue but really they moved a lot of people fairly quickly. It was in this waiting time I actually got a bit sunburnt on my shoulders.

this is looking back at the bus queue, we are halfway to the top at this point.
I was hungry and thirsty by then and got a bit impatient and kept hinting that we should walk to Bondi Junction to catch the train. The others were happy to keep inching along and in the end it was the right decision. We were back in the city centre quite quickly and then filled up on some burgers and beers.
A wander around Darling Harbour and then back to the hotel for a shower and some more refreshments before I caught the train back to the Airport to come home.
I like many others wore my medal all day 
It was a fantastic experience, one I would recommend to any runners, a real Bucket List item. Not just the run but the day before were perfect with great food, company and weather.

925th of the older girls

Seems we are going to run another half marathon in October, I don't remember agreeing to this idea but have been told I did. The Gold Coast Marathon next July was also suggested, adrenaline and endorphins have a lot to answer for.

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  1. Been checking regularly to see how you went. Glad you posted! Congrats - looks like you had a great time. Louise