Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mother's Day

I had a lovely day on Mother's Day.

Unlike last year all my children are nearby and we were able to spend the day together. I was spoiled with gifts that were perfectly appropriate.. footcare for my punished feet, new slippers and a big mug for my morning cup of tea. We had a lovely high tea at our favourite cafe and overall a very nice time.

I'd had plans of making each of the children a reverse Mother's Day card and if I could have gotten into the study, found some space and inspiration I would have followed through with the idea.

What I wanted to say to each of them, in those hand made cards, on Mother's Day when the focus is on mothers is that I love them with all my heart. Whatever I do for them I do willingly. I want to see them grow and develop into happy content humans. I want them to realise their dreams knowing that I will always be there to support them. Each of them is my favourite. Each has their own uniqueness and I love them for it.

While we all have our own parenting styles and we don't do things the same or even agree what is the 'right' way but I'm going to keep on my way. I will also think of these 3 as my children even though they are adults now.

I will always be their Mumma.

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