Monday, January 26, 2015

We had a holiday...

We set off in high spirits

and set up our camp site in with a bit of help.

The first day was sunny but cool for our after dinner beach walk
The next day was a bit warmer and when Liam arrived we headed to the beach. I put my bathers on but was not quite tempted to go into the water. It looked nice but when they ventured back out

 they were frozen.

The sunset that night was lovely as it sunk beyond the Moyne River.

 The next 2 days saw strong winds that battered the tent until it was laying sideways and rain storms saw us mopping up drips inside the tent. We retreated into the annex and did puzzles while keeping an eye out for flapping things.

After an exhausting 2 days of being bombarded the sun did come out again and we headed out to the Lighthouse to do some rock hopping. Some of us did better at that activity than others but refused to go for an Xray stating he had already seen the inside of the Port Fairy Hospital.

The fireworks at midnight topped off a quiet New Years Eve.

In the morning these little friends had appeared, seems someone had a pretty good NYE.

Some rain on New Years day did not stop us from visiting the market. The rain cleared so we could enjoy the duck races

the queue for the icecream shop was insane

One more hot day and then it was time to pack up and head home

and leave these guys waiting for the next campers...

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