Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A big event...

A big event has passed by quietly. It probably deserved a big celebration and some great photos. But neither happened.

We marked our 30th wedding anniversary in a bit of shock. Shock that this momentous day had arrived. Shock that we had made it. We spent a good part of the day saying to each other '30 years hey, can you believe it?' or 'did you imagine 30 years ago that this would happen?'

We're now up for another 30, we'll be in our 80's so with good health we could manage it.Strong possibility that we could still have our children living with us still...

best most recent pic
We had a funny conversation recently with our 'children' ..."but we are not children" they protested but what to call your offspring when they are adults??? I will always refer to them collectively as our children. Having Hayley living with us has been fun and we have had quite a few good laughs at different things. The house is bursting at the seams with 5 adults living here and when Erin goes back to school this week and Hayley starting her job the morning routine will have to be slick.

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