Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Running for mental health...

New running convert Melissa found a new race for us to try, the De Castella Run supporting mental health. I was booked in before I could say where?? what?? how far??

Turned out it was all good.

A beautiful morning saw us head over to the Yarra Boulevard to run the hilly course. Apparently Robert de Castella was there to give an inspirational speech but I didn't see him. A few hundred of us ran either 5, 10 or 15k. I was on a high from previous run and thought 15k sounded achievable and we looked like this before we set off.

Xavier College 
The course was tough. Up and down the Boulevard for agonising km after km. I find running downhill as hard as running uphill and my hamstring started to twinge with all the climbing. But I persisted and was happy with my 1:40 time.

look at the elevation!!!
Garmin Connect tells me it was 250m of elevation gain, all those ups added up!

But this run I was able to spot the photographer and tried really hard to show good form and a smile and try to remember Will's tips - lean, lengthen, relax.

saved a little bit for a sprint to the finish
I listened to my tunes to keep me going along the way and found a pacing buddy to keep going at the end. Melissa did a fantastic job in her 10k and we were all done by 10am. These runs are lots of fun and a great pay off for all the boring training runs we do but I did think I was a little bit mental as I huffed and puffed through the course.

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