Monday, June 30, 2014

Why I dont jog...

Jogging is a dangerous past time.

Sure you can get fit if you engage in regular jogging sessions. You can meet some great like-minded people who are in to fitness and a healthy lifestyle. You might even lose some weight or challenge yourself like never before. But be warned...jogging is dangerous.

Whenever you see a startling headline associated with runners and crime they are always...JOGGING.

"Joggers find body in park" (last week in Melbourne on the Tan track where I have run before)

"Jogger gets attacked" (also in Melbourne and they went on to warn women not to wear headphones while running)

"Jogger is hit by car"

"Woman is mauled by dog on her morning jog"

and recently I saw "Jogger found an abandoned baby" and "2 Joggers chased by a bear" (U. S. headlines)

I started running not jogging 3 years ago with a walk/run program, and have built up to running in 10k events and completed a half marathon last October. I love running. I still get out of breath and often procrastinate when it is cold or rainy but I still love it. The feeling when you are finished is phenomenal. But I don't like the inference that I am jogging as it seems as if you aren't trying or aren't doing it properly. I haven't seen any headlines that associate crime and running, you don't see "Runner abducted while running". The implication is joggers are slow and runners are not.
I have found the running community is very supportive and I try not to put myself in dangerous situations. I usually run with my Running Buddy, never at night and our trails are not remote at all. Traffic can be a bit hairy and I once nearly got hit by the ambulance coming out of it's driveway (I was too speedy because I was running). We also came across someone lying on the grass at our usual track on a very hot day so I stopped to see if he was OK. He was just resting while looking slightly dead.

If I was to come across a body or a baby I want the headline to read "Runner finds..."

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