Sunday, June 6, 2010


In preparation for our trip to the movies tonight I popped into the lolly shop to buy a bag of something special to nibble on.

Choosing was a bit difficult because there are so many nice things to choose from. In the end I chose chocolate covered raspberries. Have you ever tried them? They are really delicious & the jelly centre is not real fruit but the traditional raspberry lolly. The small bag wasn't cheap but it was a special treat after all.

Hayley & I settled in at the cinema & waited for Sex & the City 2 to come on. I went to open the bag & struggled to get it open. I carefully tried to pull it apart when suddenly it gave way & the chocolates went flying in all directions! Only 2 landed in my lap & half a dozen fell at my feet. I wasn't going to miss out so much to Hayley's embarrassment I scooped up the ones I could reach & dusted them off with a hanky. During the movie the hanky-bag came undone & they were rolling around in my handbag. I wasn't supposed to eat them all was I?

We really enjoyed the movie & I would like to see it again to soak up all the detail. If I wait to watch it from my comfy couch I can toss whatever I like on the floor.

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