Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Close call...

This morning on the way to work I had a close call on a road that is notorious for accidents, so much so it is being upgraded in a multi million dollar project. I was very nearly another statistic in 'the cutting'.

Anthony's cutting is on the Western Highway between Melbourne & Adelaide & happens to be between home & my workplace. Originally it was carved out of the volcanic rock in the 1850's so travellers could get to the goldfields to find their fortune. At one stage Bacchus Marsh was a Cobb & Co coach stop being a midway point.

Each day I travel on this stretch of road negotiating the steep grade, the bends & the trucks & speedsters. Usually I manage without problem & today seemed no different except today was pretty chilly. As I hit the lowest point the temperature gauge showed 0 degrees & my windscreen instantly fogged over. Not the gradual fogging that sometimes happens but completely blinding & frightening. By the time I flicked on the wipers to see the something I saw was a slow moving truck going up the hill that I was bearing down on at 90 kph.

I had to quickly change lanes & was lucky there was no other cars near me. I amped up the aircon & watched the outside temp rise to 6 degrees by the time I reached Melton. It was quite a freaky phenomenon & had never happened to me before & I hope it never does again.

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  1. I know how you feel - it is a horrible moment - I hope it doesn't happen again to you. What a windy road you need to travel each day.

    I was driving to work on Friday and a car just raced out of the merge lane straight at me - for once the lane next to me was empty so I quickly swerved and jammed the breaks on and sounded my horn. It was such a close call, I could have been hit from both sides. I knew it was all very close as a woman was standing ready to cross the road and watched it all and her face show complete amazement at what was happening in front of her.