Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Our rosters are clashing.

Chris is on nights & I am on days. And I miss our time spent in the afternoons when we debrief. Usually we can spend time together & chew the fat, discuss the tedious bits of our jobs & the funny or lighter moments. But at the moment we see each other for just a few minutes before we set off. There is no-one better to have a grizzle to, the older 2 don't get it (when they are home) & while Erin can be a good listener she doesn't get it either. Chris has been getting better at just listening rather than always trying to solve problems, his magic answer to any issue used to be 'just tell 'em where to get off' ...tempting but not always what's called for!

Chris didn't think that at this stage of his life/career he would be back to shift work or night duty. He is a terrible sleeper & barely copes with his rotation. I hope to never again have to work night duty. I've done years of it & am not pleased to read studies that show that shift work & night duty are bad for your health.

And to top this off we have gone off daylight savings time & I miss the light in the evenings, the days feel shorter already. Shorter & a bit lonely...until the night duty is over.

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