Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where did the weekend go????

I had to wait for 'Dancing with the stars' to finish so I could add this entry. I haven't really watched previous series but I am hooked on this one. I didn't want any of the men to go so I was really happy when they all get a second chance. Go Paul!!

The weekend has disappeared again, I had wanted to get lots done but after the washing, ironing, some weeding, grocery shopping, my craft stuff never got opened. I feel I have to do what I have to do before I can 'do' just for me. There is quote that goes something like 'life is what happens when you are busy making plans...." Maybe tomorrow I can make these christmas cards that are floating around in my head into reality.

I am still struggling with getting my blog to do what I want it to (like getting the images at the end of the post and not at the start!!!) so that is why my latest layout of a school holiday daytrip to Queenscliff is up there and not down here. It is not as clear as I want but maybe if I fiddle with the camera/lighting it will improve.

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  1. Great LO Jo. Love the placement of the photos with the title in the middle. Those photos are so relaxing to look at; I almost feel like I'm there! Anita. xx