Monday, August 25, 2014

Been a long time...

I've been slack. Too busy to keep this electronic diary so I'll try to get up to date.

Last I wrote I was preparing for Erin's birthday party. I was quite wound up about it and in the end it was all for nought. The party was a success. It wasn't the big deal I built it up to be. That could have been because we were well prepared and I laid down the rules and the young folk followed them.

Being on a corner block I was concerned about gate crashers having easy access to the back yard where the party was being held. I registered the party with the local police and Erin had only put out the invitations to her friends. We had made it clear there was to be no alcohol and there was no problems with that. The 10 friends she really wanted to come came and they sounded like they had fun. There was much laughter and the set up with the tarpaulins sheltering the outdoor area and the gas outdoor heater made for a cosy environment. I supplied food and drinks and bought out her ombre cake and she got embarrassed when they sang Happy Birthday to her. I was able to stay inside watching TV and finally relaxed when the music went off at 12. The parents came promptly and took their offspring home and the neighbours wandered home shortly after.

Since the party Erin's friendship with her Deb partner Liam has really blossomed but that's another post yet to come

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