Saturday, October 24, 2009


On this day five years ago our Mother passed away.

I miss her. I miss her company & her knowledge. I still want to ask her questions. I want my children to be able to have that generational input. The 7 grandchildren will remember her because we will remind them.

Yesterday my older sister gave me a copy of the hundreds of slides that she had laboriously scanned onto her computer just before Mum died (& some after).

I was browsing through these slides last night & got a real sense of the person she was as a young woman. These are from a time I don't remember, but know of because of the stories that surround them.

Like this one, from a wedding she attended.

Or this one posing with a baby nephew before she had children of her own.

This profile shot taken in Cairns at her Grandmother's home

And this one taken on her honeymoon

There are loads of slides of us at beaches...Qld beaches like this one & others at NSW & Vic beaches that I will share later.

I like this one because she looks like she is having fun with her first born daughter, posing for her husband & his wonky photography skills.

The scanned slides have a nostalgic look about them, not only are they from 40 - 50 years ago, they have a lovely quality to them that is not perfect but very special.
When I showed Hayley she was delighted with the 'retro-ness' of them, something that can be recreated with Photoshop nowadays.

The pics are a giggle for see the fashions of the 60's & 70's not quite reflected in the home made clothing we wore. I will be sharing a large chunk of these pics in a post titled 'Hats'... you will fall off your chair laughing.

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